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Encite Health started in February of 2019 as a mobile exercise physiology business that worked with a diverse range of individuals. Since then the business has diversified and is now a registered NDIS provider, offering both allied health and support worker services. 

Our services are particularly focused towards children with autism spectrum disorder. We tailor our exercise sessions, and our support programs, to ASD. 

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Exercise for ASD
Exercise Physiology for children with ASD

3 Reasons our Clients Choose Us

Specialised Knowledge

Gathering specialised knowledge in exercise and behavioural interventions for autism spectrum disorder, our clients choose us knowing we are skilled therapists in what we do


It is important to make exercise sessions fun and engaging for children with ASD, so we tailor our sessions to ensure your child has an enjoyable experience while exercising

High Quality Results

Being able to objectively demonstrate results is essential. Our clients not only choose us because they see, feel and experience results, but because our test re-test approach delivers objective improvements 

Ben McKerrell is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist
 Ben McKerrell -AEP AES ESSAM

From the non-verbal children who have challenging behaviours, to the high-energy children who non-stop move, we find fun and effective ways to engage and provide support.  Your child is an individual and we seek to provide the most tailored services to them. Engaging with them on their level is key. Children with ASD often have their own language, but once you learn that language, there's a world of untapped potential in there

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